Combination Therapy by Brandon Chiropractor to Reduce Back and Neck Disc Pain

Major injury resulting in Minor trauma resulting in Back pain and neck pain resulting from inflammation or injury to the spinal disc, spinal joints or pinched spinal nerves respond favorably to three specific therapies. Combination therapy involves the application of 3 types of treatments applied together.

The 3 specific treatments are electrical nerve stimulation, ultrasonic therapy and chiropractic adjustment. Each therapy helps to reduce inflammation, lower pain and increase mobility. Using these modalities in combination has a increased response.

The first treatment is electrical nerve and muscle stimulation-EMS, also known as E-stim, is the stimulation of muscle tension using electric impulses. The EMS is delivered through therapy pads placed on the skin surface directly over the muscles of the lower back or neck. The electronic current causes the muscles to contract.

The therapy pads are silicon or moist sponges that adhere to the skin usually using adhesive surface or Velcro bands. EMS is a type of electrotherapy used for muscle relaxation and pain reduction.

The next treatment is ultrasonic therapy in which reverberating sound waves penetrate the neck and back muscles creating a deep heat or pulsating feeling. The sound waves of therapeutic ultrasound penetrate muscle tissue from 2 to 5 cm. The penetrating heating effect and intensity decreases as the sound waves penetrate deeper into the neck and back muscles. The ultrasonic waves are affected mainly by connective tissue such as: muscles, nerves, ligaments, tendons.

Two benefits of ultrasound Penetrating heating thermal benefits and non heating tissue vibration benefits. The thermal benefits result from the sound waves stimulation kinetic energy and motion deep inside the tissue. This motion creates a penetrating warm relieving sensitive neck and back muscles, increasing the healing effects of blow flow and therefore the healing time frame.

Non thermal effects of ultrasound are from the sound waves stimulation motion. The tissue motion directly effects the painful muscles, tendons and ligaments. These high frequency waves effect the cell-repair effects of the inflammation process.

The third combination therapy is the chiropractic adjustment. Chiropractic treatment refers to a chiropractor treating with manipulation to the spinal vertebrae of the neck and back that have alter or cannot move normally. Chiropractic spinal manipulation or chiropractic adjustment is a normal therapeutic remedy for the relief of neck and back pain.

The objective of chiropractic treatment is to align spinal vertebra which will help the spinal bones mobility, decrease irritated nerves and thereby minimize associated neck and low back pain and tension.

Neck and low back pain relief is aided using combination treatment: e-stim, therapeutic ultrasound and chiropractic treatment.

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